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Kerin Bellak-Adams, B.S.

Kerin is a highly respected expert in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). She is known among educators and colleagues for her internationally published workbook “ADHD Success! Solutions For Boosting Self Esteem”.

She specializes in diagnosing CAPD. (Central Auditory Processing Disorder) which often comes with ADHD. She knows of auditory specialists that will work to overcome this.

She works closely with the educational programs here and abroad as a consultant. She is known to to troubleshoot underlining problems associated with ADHD. Some of her time is spent collaborating on international research on the C.A.T. series with other psychologists.

"Simple solutions for complicated Problems"

Kerin is equipped to help both adults and kids!

Coaching Subjects

While Kerin is not a therapist, she has created the phrase “therapeutic coaching.” This is a combination of coaching techniques and analysis transformed into practical and step-by-step solutions, leading to client insights and their motivation to take action. She is known amongst her colleagues as “the pragmatic one.” With her many years of coaching, she pinpoints issues quickly.
She is known amongst her colleagues as “the pragmatic one.” With her many years of coaching, she pinpoints issues quickly.


For Adults

De-Stressing — Learn quick and effective self-talk to control one’s moods and impulses

A parent cannot be a child’s coach — therefore it is important that the parent be coached on maximizing their role to get optimum result.

We can strategize on how to advocate — for your son or daughter so they receive the resources they deserve


for Children and Teens

Kerin can work with the client using her ADHD workbook. 

Learn how to minimize stress in-between classes!

Learn how to advocate for yourself in class!

ADHD workbook

AD/HD Success!

Ms. Adams is the author of AD/HD Success! Solutions to Boosting Self-Esteem: The Diary Method, Ages 7-17, published by Loving Healing Press, Inc. She is a sought-after speaker who has spoken at the NYSE to parents of special needs, to the Marriot Marquis in NYC, as well as dozens of other organizations, and schools. She has been quoted in such newspapers as the Bergen Record, the Jerusalem Post and other publications.

Ms. Adams is CEO of CPS Publishing, LLC, a distributor of personality assessment tests and textbooks, created by Dr. Leopold Bellak. She is also a graduate of Hofstra University, American Coaching Association, and Fast Track Coaching.

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