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    Parent Testimonials:

    "Time is of the essence and I appreciate your time and help. I have to tell you I believe talking to you was an answer to my prayers." 
    "Mom"  -  Texas 

    "Thanks so much Kerin for helping my 7 year old son,with getting a better attitude towards brushing his teeth each morning , and for being creative in helping him become more sensitive and aware of when he gets hungry which in the past he ignored, which then led to tantrums. I can't believe his attitude changes in such a short time..."
    Pam Benloulou -  NJ

    "Kerin, you were very helpful in helping my 16 year old with organizational skills... You also provided me with the ability to be a good advocate for her in high school, after years of unsuccessful attempts, for which I am very grateful. Thank you for being an excellent resource as well, finally helping us to find wonderful therapists. You really go the extra mile."
    Mrs. O'Neill - Bergen County, NJ

    "My daughter Emily really enjoyed working with you in the AD/HD workbook and looks forward to doing more! She said "The book really helped me to feel my feelings!".
    Emily's Mom, (Emily: age 8) - Bergen County, NJ

    Testimonials from Adult Clients:

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful coaching. You really do a great job, and I know it's not an easy job to do. You have to have enormous patience, skill, empathy and intuition.

    I often include you in my mental list of things I'm grateful for. You have greatly enhanced my quality of life not only in terms of my mental health, but in making me a better husband, father and boss.
    Bergen County, NJ Dec. 2013

    I am amazed by the work you do and what a contribution you make to this world, one person at a time!
    Anoymous, Nov, 2013

    Kerin Bellak-Adams coached me through a difficult licensing process that included extensive written and oral examination.  She taught me to reduce anxiety by teaching relaxation techniques, then helped me to break down study areas into manageable chunks. She also helped me to prepare for the oral examination by having me practice answering questions in the expected knowledge areas which with her help, I finally passed! I highly recommend Kerin Bellak-Adams.

    Psychologist with AD/HD
    Bergen county, NJ  - Jan. 2013

    "Working with Kerin has been life changing. Kerin adds the vital piece of structure that was missing in my struggle with ADD. The medicine helps, but without Kerin, I would not be able to function at the level I am in my family and work environments. I am extremely grateful I was referred to Kerin and would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with ADD."
    Physician, Bergen County NJ - Dec., 2012

    "I love your reminders and that you laugh with me. Thanks!"
    Christine - New Milford, NJ

    "I am always so excited for women who entrepreneural, and who reach that kind of creative, intellectual, helpful, relevant success. Wow, and I get to be coached by you - thanks!! "
    Christine - Mahwah, NJ

    "Kerin Adams helped me so much when I discovered that I had ADD as an adult. With her guidance, I was able to organize my schedule and teach myself to stay focused throughout the day. I now know what kind of planner best suites me. Kerin is a very good and very nice coach."
    Debra - Bergen County, NJ

    "It was wonderful to meet you. You seem to be carrying on your father's work in your own creative way. I am sure he is proud. Keep up the good work in assisting me with my project. "
    Edward Hallowell, MD
    |Author of
    Driven to Distraction

    "Kerin Adams has helped me get organized. She focuses on the large picture and then begins to help you with small steps to reach your goals. Kerin, thank you."
    Judd Zispquit
    Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley  - Boca Raton, FL

    "Kerin Adams is an intelligent, highly responsible, innovative and totally dedicated coach who understands ADD inside and out. She provides a wonderful service for her clients."
    Edward Hallowell, MD 
    Professor of Psychiatry,
    Harvard Medical School

    "Educated, passionate and results-driven are the three best words that describe Kerin Adam's approach to coaching a client, delivering on a project or achieving personal goals. I highly recommend Kerin as someone you want to have on your team."
    Rebecca Shafir
    Director of Business Development, Hallowell ADDvance

    "I appreciate your honesty, courage and wisdom. I will not forget how you helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the power of my strengths and the beauty of my vulnerabilities. You are a wonderful person and an inspiring coach."
    NYC client (teacher)

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    Kerin as a Speaker

    "I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful encouragement tonight when you answered my question, that I sent in on my computer. I am looking forward to getting and working with your new book. Thank you! "

    "I found your presentation informative and extremely helpful.  Your delivery was warm and very sincere! "
    Claire Iglesia, EPTA (Special Ed PTA)
    Carle Place (High School), NY

    "Kerin is keeping her father's legacy alive in her own creative way."
    Dr. Edward Hallowell
    Author of
    Driven to Distraction

    "Thank you for participating in our Learning Disabilities Series on Thursday, November 16, 2006. Your presentation on "Strategies for Success: Time-Management and Organizational Skills" gave parents valuable information that they can use to understand and manage the effects of ADHD/ADD that their children were experiencing. I especially appreciated the opportunities you gave parents to ask targeted questions about their particular situation. Again, thank you."
    Linda Selvin, Executive Director 
    International Dyslexia Association

    "Kerin was very thorough and informative. The parents truly learned a wealth of information which will help them understand their children better."
    Shyra Clay, Prevention Specialist
    The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resource - Hackensack, NJ

    "I never met this Kerin. You are articulate and caring and observing and grand. I always knew grand. The other parts of you are new adventures. Thanks so much for sharing with us in class."
    Sheila Kutner, PCC,
    Fast Track Coaching

    "Thanks so much for your kind note. It was wonderful to meet you. You seem to be carrying on your father's work in your own creative way. I am sure he is proud. Keep up the good work in assisting me with my project."
    Edward Hallowell, MD
    Author of
    Driven to Distraction

    "Thanks again for the presentation with Dr. Jeff Berman, Director of Chemical Dependency at our hospital.Your topic on Landmines & Barriers—ADD and Addiction was very interesting indeed. The staff appreciated the information, particularly the specific "take aways' you addressed at the end."
    Linda C. Shaw, LCSW, CAS, Director, Business Development
    Summit Oaks Hospital - Summit, NJ

    "Thanks so much for speaking at our CHADD of NYC meeting. You were a big hit! Based on your presentation our members are really looking forward to your book coming out!"
    Harold Meyer
    CHADD of New York City

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