The One Stop Shop!

Introduces: The One Stop Shop!

Benefits of this Program!

  • Boost your child’s self-esteem
  • Learning cognitive behavioral techniques in a fun way to cope to help with impulsivity
  • Acquire time-management & focus in a quick in quick and fun way!

Our main features are:

The Diary Pages with simple self-scoring (measuring self-esteem), and The Drifting Tree (time-management and organization).

Now using the “diary pages”   from the famous internationally published workbook called- AD/HD Success! Solutions to Boosting Self-Esteem The Diary Method Ages 7-17, parents can finally relax! Kids will gain the confidence they so badly need!

Parents, you  all know that children with learning challenges all share some basics in common! Well all they feel and hear, is how different they are. Now they can feel special as they learn basic techniques to help them feel ahead of the game!

For years, parents have struggled to find ways to help their kids without emptying out their pockets!

Instead of spending tons of money on tutors, buying games that are used once, or anything else, for a limited time only,

Coach Kerin is happy to provide girls and boys with the “diary pages” to learn just what they need to identify, first verbally explaining the situation that caused them to get worked up, and then using the ” diary pages” so that they can learn quickly and in a fun way, how to be in control of their impulses and thoughts!

In addition to using the diary pages, kids can use our well known “Drifting Tree”. This tree helps with spotting when drifting/daydreaming begins! This same tree will help kids learn at what time of the day, they are working themselves up, and have the urge to be impulsive, and then learn how to speak to themselves in such a way as to not act out!

Email us for the age of the student, and we will email you two diary pages right away!

No worries, we understand kids have lots of homework and extra curricular activities, so we can come to your house and each session lasts just one half hour!


You can email us at for a time when it is convenient for you to set up a FREE consultation!

Thank you,
Coach Kerin

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