For Robin Williams…

Robin Williams

A face with many sides.
A genius with a large heart
A face with so many expressions
Of which we will not loose or part
Was it meant to be that bi-polar was his fate?
Why couldn’t someone save his soul
Before it was too late?

What let to his demise?
Perhaps bi-polar was not the cause of his early demise
Only his family will know the answer
Behind  any disguise.

So funny he was throughout the years
Thank goodness he was the receiver of a prestigious award not too long ago
At least he felt appreciated once and for all.

Depression underneath humor is often the case
So often this is not on ones’ face
Wiping away our tears
Perhaps Robin was infiltrated with fears
Tears and a threat of some kind
Brought about this loss
If only someone had wrapped their arms around him one more time.

Loss and depth of feelings we only know too well
We don’t have to be bi-polar
To feel the pangs of  a life filled with ups and downs
One does not need to be mentally ill
For emotions to own us and take us close to something to lessen the pain
But as with Robin,
He was strong for most of his life and with all it’s pain.

A genius of a man was given to us for awhile
And along with this,
Was a streak of misfortune
Talent breeds sensitivity and sometimes dysfunction
Some sensitivity is a plus
The glasses one wears
Can help with coping each day
Don’t take the route to end it all
It doesn’t pay

Films we will never forget,
Mrs Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting to mention just a few,
Thank goodness he finally felt our love and respect
No there was no neglect
As he received his award in 2013
At the Screen Actors Guild
You could hear his joy in his voice
How much he was touched
It’s as if he had the love he sought
No this joy could not be bought.

Most of us cannot wrap our minds around this lasting void
No one can come close to Robin’s level of talent, heart and strength
Reaching down into one’s soul
To make others laugh
And help others forget about their own grief
This kind of person gives us all true feelings of relief.

Life as we know it will not be the same without Robin
He graced us with feelings we tuck deep inside
Most of us sometimes try to hide
But perhaps his children will carry on in some way
That would be his delight
We are sure of that we can all say.

Special souls of this kind
And the greatness of this magnitude
Are but rented to us for a brief time,
And then we have to let go,
For the last time.

Let us embrace the memories non can take away
Chosen few are here for a limited time
And this we must be weary of and perhaps even fear.
As you never know when they will disappear
Let us be grateful
We had such a soul for the span of some years.

– Kerin Adams

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