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The One Stop Shop!

Introduces: The One Stop Shop! Benefits of this Program! Boost your child’s self-esteem Learning cognitive behavioral techniques in a fun way to cope to help with impulsivity Acquire time-management & focus in a quick in quick and fun way! Our main … Continue reading

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A dedication to Robin Williams PBS NewsHour recently featured an interview on the topic of the creative mind and mental illness with Judy Woodruff and Dr. Nancy Andreasen.. Mentioned in that piece was the fact that many well-known writers, such as … Continue reading

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For Robin Williams…

Robin Williams A face with many sides. A genius with a large heart A face with so many expressions Of which we will not loose or part Was it meant to be that bi-polar was his fate? Why couldn’t someone … Continue reading

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Bullying at School: Is Your ADHD Kid a Victim?

There is an excellent article in a recent issue of ADDitude Magazine about this. Here is an excerpt: Is Your ADHD Child Being Bullied at School? Children with ADHD may believe they bring bullying on themselves with their inappropriate behavior, or … Continue reading

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Do You Know the Difference Between ADHD and Anxiety?

I found a really good article and brief quiz from Diana Rodriguez at about the difference between AD/HD and anxiety. Here’s a small part of it: Childhood ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a controversial topic that is still widely … Continue reading

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New Review of AD/HD Success

” Yes, I recommend AD/HD Success! Solutions for Boosting Self-Esteem: The Diary Method for Ages 7-17 by Kerin Bellak-Adams. By working one day at a time on developing inner values and goals, these youngsters, inspite of their AD/HD or because of the unique … Continue reading

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Watch Dr. Hallowell in a Recent NYC Lecture

Click HERE to watch the video  

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Thanks Terry Matlen!

To all coaches! Terry Matlen of ADDconsults confirms that AD/HD Success! Solutions to Boosting Self-Esteem is a wonderful book to use by coaches who work with kids! Thanks Terry

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The Magic Age

Cole Schotz has recently released an article about “The Magic Age” for children with special needs. You can read the entire article by clicking HERE Here is the first part of the article: There are certain ages in a child’s … Continue reading

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Kindle Version of AD/HD Success! Now available.

As promised, Kerin’s book AD/HD Success! is now also available on as a Kindle e-version. Click HERE for the link!

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